The Lower Dens Played the Lexington Last Wednesday they provided a blend of beach house style Synth lead with Haunting Vocals.

But they also had a sonic youth garage to there music.

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Heres a video i made for Matt Berry “A Christmas Song by Matt Berry and Everyone” .

The  Idea is to play along with the Video then  record your track  and contribute through the

Absolute Radio Website

All proceeds go to  Shelter the Finished single will be released on December the 4th

I was fortunate enough to get a free wrist band for this evenings foster the people show at Rough Trade East which gave me a new appreciation

for a band whose album i already liked as an amazing live band to.


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Here is my new video of Sophie Cameron performing the Grammar Police

I have just returned from the Bilbao BBK Live Festival 2011 where i saw Beady Eye and forgot every song they played it,and one of the strangest musical experiences ever in the form of 30 second to mars i have never been to a mass Scientology meet up but i can imagine it might be bit like this.

But there was some great performances from T.V on the Radio, Le Savvy Fav,Crystal Castles to see more pictures and you tube links see attached


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Come see the Video i made with  the poet Sophie Cameron

and also see the Photographs taken on the day in my slideshow gallery

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Now that Kitty Daisy and Lewis have just released there new album Smoking in Heaven.

So Seems a good time to show some of the work i did it was pleasure to have access Live and backstage but also take some great pictures in the Studio with them

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Watch My New video of The Bishops  Performing Polygon at he Sojourn EP Launch at 93 Feet East

Check out this weeks Bishops Acoustic session,Alex Pete and Mike record a free download of the track finding out

from there Sojourn EP

available here to download

Matt Berry sat in on Steve Lamacq’s Round Table and discussed the Cover Artwork for Witchazel










Listen to Matt’s Album Here


Listen to Matt’s Album Here

Matt Berry – Witchazel