Edition 2011 – Popview + Lex van Rossen Award.

This year i have been lucky enough to be nominated for this years Lex van Rossen Award.

The Award was to set up for Music Photographer’s below the age of 35 who live in Europe, in Honour of the Dutch Music Photographer  Lex van Rossen who died in February 2007.

Previous Nominess from the UK have been Top NME Photographer  Danny North, and Judges

have included Legendary  Music Photographer Jill Furmonofsky.

Amongst myself the Nominees  are

– Francisco Reina (Spain)
– Tim C. Rochels (Germany)
– Marjolein Hoornaert (Belgium)
– Agata Pietron (Poland)
– Antonio Campanella (Italy)
– Dirk Wolf (Holland)
– Rob Walbers (Belgium)

The Winner of the Award will be announced in Groningen (Holland)

on Friday February the 14th  which i will attend after Christmas.

Below are my nominated Photographs

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