Fulchfest is increasingly becoming a great night to see the Best of Indie Comedy.

Last Month may not have the had the bigger names of December’s Fulchfest but anyone who is a fan of dark place

blunder the Mighty Boosh would Recognise the Talents of Alice Lowe and Tom Meethan.

This Month we were treated not just to Rich Fulcher but also Dan Clark of How not to live you life who

was just as sharp as a stand as he was in his T.V Writing.

Adam Buxton also turned Fulchfest on its head bringing his Brand of Multi Media Comedy to Fulchfest

that sells out BUG month after month at the British Film Festival.

Also You Ross lee was amongst the acts who recently appeared in Peter Serofinowicz’s MVA winning video

got i feel better

Here are my Pictures get down there soon before everyone else cottons on

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See the Brilliant old baby starring Rich Fulcher and Alice Lowe

My Old Baby from richfulcher.